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Kan Yu Feng Shui Academy is an international school and a research center

on traditional Chinese disciplines, as Feng Shui and Ba Zi (Chinese Astrology).
It is based on the works and teachings of Stefan Vettori, an Italian Feng Shui and Ba Zi expert who has conducted a long research and experimentation work.

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Kan Yu
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Our school guidelines are:

  • research for authentic energetic contents that lie behind symbols, diagrams and theories we find in oriental arts
  • historical analysis about the evolution of concepts and theories
  • experimental verification of theories
  • exploring the connection between ancient knowledge and current western scientific knowledge

Our vision

In this way, all the power of ancient knowledge can be recovered and transferred in understandable and applicable terms, especially for a western student. There is, in fact, a lot to say about the way western students approach these disciplines, and about the way they perceive symbols and theories!

KYFSA Mission

By establishing Kan Yu Feng Shui Academy, our mission is to make this knowledge available in more languages ​​and to a greater number of experts, who after years of study may still have serious doubts about the basic knowledge and its meaning.

Our goal is also to spread a more authentic approach to the traditional arts of Chinese metaphysics: Feng Shui, Ba Zi, I Ching, … and specifically for Feng Shui, how to integrate it with today’s architecture?


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